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About Wawona

Wawona is a small community located inside Yosemite National Park in a beautiful mountain valley. Visitors entering Yosemite’s South Gate on Highway 41 pass through Wawona on their way to the valley floor of Yosemite National Park. Because Wawona is located at an elevation of only approximately 4000 ft. it has a climate that is mild the year round. The historic Pioneer History Center with its Covered Bridge, the Merced River, the Wawona Dome and Chilnualna Falls are some of the many attractions

Wawona has many amenities to offer the visitor, including a Victorian hotel with golf course and restaurant, hiking trails, and swimming and fishing in the South Fork of the Merced River.

Wawona is primarily a community of vacation homes and cabins with a year round population of about 150. Wawona has a ranger station, post office, 2 grocery stores, library, gas station, and community center. Yosemite visitors can stay in Wawona at the Wawona hotel or at one of the many vacation homes and cabins available for rent. Visitors can also camp year round at the Wawona campgrounds.

Because Wawona is relatively small, somewhat isolated and less visited by park visitors, it provides visitors with a sense of privacy, peace, and scenic beauty and yet is only a short drive to the Valley Floor, Badger Pass Ski Resort and the Mariposa Grove Big Trees.


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